10 Ways to Mend Damaged Clothes

Posted on April 04 2017

We have all been through these problems before. It’s a headache trying to get rid of stains on your favourite clothes or throw them away because of a damaged part. With these simple, steps you'll save yourself from the trouble.

Here are 10 simple steps to a quick yet effortless way to mend damaged clothes.

 iyna blog, bra under wire

1. Underwire

Every women's worse nightmare! Especially when it's your favourite bra! That wire protruding out is not only painful but also agonising. Take a pack of Moleskin padding and a pair of scissors. First prod the wire back in and cut a small piece of Moleskin; make sure it's enough to cover the hole. Stick the Moleskin into where the wire is sitting and press firmly.


2. Deodorant stains

A facile way to get rid of this is by rubbing a cotton sock onto the stain. Or maybe invest in an anti-white mark Deodorant. It’s a fantastic way to get rid of the stain.



3. Nylons

Getting a run in your tights, then here are some perfect ways of repairing them. Initially, apply clear nail varnish onto it then this will stop those horrible ladders that everyone notices!

iyan blog, suede shoes

4. Suede Shoes

As suede is delicate we don't recommend using any harsh chemicals on it. Simple fabric wipes do the trick. For the stubborn stains use a nail file but be careful not to rub it too hard as you might damage the fabric.


5. Armpit Stains

All you need for these stubborn stains are: lemon juice, water and some baking soda. Mix them all up and start rubbing the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse. Short and quick fix.

 iyna blog hoodie

6. Hoodies

Doesn't it just annoy you when the drawstring comes out if the hood? Then it can be easily done with even a pen top. Tie the drawstring to the end of the pen top and push it through the hood. Just be careful that the drawstring doesn't come undone from the lid, or you'll have you start again.


7. Button Thread

Lose buttons, then here are some simple, easy ways of fixing it. Stop the buttons falling off by painting some clear nail varnish over them. Perfect for a quick fix if you can't find a needle!


8. Stubborn Oil Stains

Make the impossible possible. Apply a bit of liquid soap onto the stain. This will help lift the oil. Go over it in a damp, clean cloth until the soap comes out. Allow it a minute to dry, then it’ll be good as new.


9. Patent Leather Shoes

Bit of scruff on your leather shoes? Here is a tip!  Apply some petroleum jelly (vaseline) onto the stain. It will bring the leather back to life.



10. Stubborn Zipper

A stuck Zipper that won't budge is a headache you don't have time for.
Apply some vaseline onto the Zipper and watch it glide smoothly.





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