At Ikea Hyderabad's 1000-Seat Restaurant, Samosas, Biryani And Dal Makhni

Posted on August 08 2018


Ikea is set to leap into a milestone of sorts with the launch of its sprawling 37,000 square-metre store in Hyderabad today. For its launch, Ikea is betting big on tempting the average Indian's taste buds by launching its biggest-ever restaurant inside an Ikea store as well as "possibly India's largest," as per its words. The massive 1,000-seater restaurant will serve customers a wide range of food items consisting of staples from Swedish and Indian cuisine, ranging from meatballs and salmon to biryani, samosas anddal makhni.

Ikea's trademark Swedish meatballs will however undergo a slight tweak to adapt to Indian culture. Unlike traditional meatballs which are made from beef or pork, Ikea will have chicken and vegetarian options instead.

"Fifty percent of the food will be Swedish inspired, salmon and shrimp dishes and so on. We'll also have quite a few Indian dishes like dal makhani, biryani, samosas," Patrik Antoni, Ikea's deputy country manager for India, told news agency AFP.

For just Rs. 149, hungry shoppers will get to sink their teeth into chicken meatballs, while a 

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